MJX Camps @ KC

About MJX


MJX is a brand that has been being built for over twenty years. The ideology  is defined as there being no limit to what we can accomplish as females. MJX is committed to offering supports and tools for working towards success. Many days and nights have been spent wondering when a good time developing a program to inspire females would be. Adolescent intervention seemed to be a great start for our Northern Virginia community. Directors Marie Onorato Schweitzer and Nicole Schweitzer Cartagena both have degrees in Education. The past year in honor of a beloved loved one, Liela Onorato, we have been developing programs for our MJX vision. This included many of hours of professional development. We are excited to kick off the program with our Summer Camp to get the ball rolling. The Mother-Daughter Duo have been collectively collaborating on the question, “What’s MJX?” For years they have explained how MJX made them feel empowered and a part of a community of people who encourages each other to be the best they can be. Now after developing programs to continue the MJX brand they hope to inspire the next generations to come to join this movement.


-MJX Empowering Girls 4ever




Boys & Girls Ages -3-5 – 5-Weeks  March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29  –  5:05 PM-5:55PM

LITTLE TOTS SOCCER is a child development program that uses soccer to help children take important developmental milestones through age-appropriate and fun-filled activities. Classes are led by highly trained coaches who engage kids and help maintain their enthusiasm by challenging and encouraging them to learn and accomplish new things


Motivate and Mentor

Bring Joy to yourself and others

eXercise your body and brain